Upcoming activities & current projects:

2021-2023: Partner of  “Physical literacy enriched public facilities”
2021-2023: Partner of “Physical literacy enriched public environments”

Past activities:

2022-09-13–17 Change the game 2022 in Umeå

2022-05-10 Presentation at PL-net Networkday in Nyborg (DEN)

2022-05-05 Seminar in Umeå Physical literacy Enriched Environmental design

2022-03-02–05-25 New education – Leadership development with physical literacy

2022-03-01 Activity at The opening of Mötesplats Stöcke
2021-10-23: Partner of IPLA conference 2021

2021-09-21–24 Virtual conference, “A sustainable world with physical literacy – from practice to vision”

2021-07-22 Presentation at TAFISA Global workshop – Kids are made to play- Designing a Play-friendly Ecosystem
2021-03-15–06-21: Development program 2021 for early adopters of physical literacy
Development program 2020 for early adopters of physical literacy

2020-09-11: Conference – “How to use physical literacy in practice”

2019-09-10: Workshops, dance & circus
2019-09-11: Opening day with day of activities school classes
2019-09-10–14: International physical literacy conference 
2019-09-11–14: PWP 2019
2019-09-12: Workshop for sport coaches
2019-09-14: The day of activities (Nolia i Umeå)

2019-09-03–26 September: Tour in region of Västerbotten
2019-08-27–09-20: Physical literacy enriched school transportation

2019-04-24 Kick-off meeting regional tour of training days hosted by County Governor.

2019-03-11-20 Physical literacy training days in Umeå and other destinations

2018-11-23–27 Physical literacy training days in Umeå and other destinations

2018-10-09 Presentation at conference ”Fritids- och idrottsmiljöer” i Stockholm

2018-09-10–12 Physical literacy training days in other destinations

2018-09-13 Pep-talks for coaches (Umeå Energi Arena)

2018-09-13–14 Pep-talks for professionals (Väven Umeå)

2018-09-15 The day of activities (Nolia in Umeå)

2018-04-18–19 Pep-talks in Umeå (launch of the EMÅ-project)

2018-04-20 Pep-talks in Göteborg

2018-03-01 Presentation at business network “Morgonpasset” in Umeå

2017-11-09 Exhibition at Umeågalan

2017-11-03 Presenting at Umeå university, part of course in ”physical literacy”

2017-09-16 Change the game 2017 – the day of activities

2017-09-15 Change the the game 2017 – Pep-talks for professionals

2016-09-10 A day for children on the move

2015-11-05 Umeågalan 2015

2015-10-26–29 IKSU Sportscamp

2015-09-26 Major ‘Get Active’ day at Nolia Sports Centre in Umeå

2015-06-13 Welcome to a second-hand market where all proceeds go to sports activities for children and young people

2014-11-06 Activity at Umeågalan

2014-09-27 Launch of Change the Game at Gammlia Sports Centre

2014-09-11 Presentation to the Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel

CHANGE THE GAME LEVELS UP – gets its own organization through a new foundation

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