The day of activities

On Saturday September 16th we arranged a major activity day with Change the Game, based on this year’s theme – ”Ideas for physical literacy”.

Being physically literate* is just as important as being able to read, write and count. We also believe in the principle that children and young people should be able to try different activities and develop at their own pace and on their own terms. Our goal is to get as many as possible to feel motivated and have the opportunity to be active. As many as possible for as long as possible!

Children and young people had the opportunity to try many new forms of exercise. At the same time parents and coaches could listen to Pep-talks about “physical literacy” and other relevant insights presented live by leading researchers and experts. In other words it was a whole lot of fun and education, both on and off the track!

Date 16th September
Time 10.00–16.00
Place Nolia Sports Centre in Umeå

Who could take part? All children and young people were welcome, regardless of whether they were complete beginners or already active in sports. In addition parents, coaches and other interested parties were invited to take part in our ‘Pep Talk’ seminars held throughout the day. Taking part in Change the Game was totally free for everyone.

*Physical literacy: To appreciate and develop a life-long interest in physical activity through motivation, confidence, knowledge, understanding and physical competence.

Star Raiders

Children aged 7–12 were given the chance to make their way through an activity course adjusted to their specific ages called Star Raiders. Exercises were designed to be a fun way to challenge and test their all-round skills in combination with various sport-specific elements.

This year the course featured new exercises and was rotational, with shorter and more intense sessions. There was also two familysessions, in cooperation with our partner VK. Each session took approximately 20 minutes.


Place The Athletics Hall

Star Raiders was led by Johan Andreasson (SISU idrottsutbildarna), who will be ably assisted by  guest coaches.

Try-it-out activities

About 25 sports associations and other organizations that are backing Change the Game held a series of free activities in the football hall and in the tennis hall, where children and young people got the chance to try for themselves how to play with various balls and rackets, as well as took part in other fun challenges.


Try-it-out activities

Pep talks

This year we arranged a series of mini seminars that in different ways were designed to inspire parents and coaches to make it even more fun for children to engage in sports and become physically active. Leading sports researchers and experts  shared their exciting experiences, insights and techniques, with some of Sweden’s top sporting stars taking part. All pep talks were open to the public.

The principle theme  was ‘Increasing Our Children’s Physical Literacy’ through developing motivation, capability and possibilities to be physically active. Seminars alternated between questions from the public and conversations with the panel made up of  leading researchers and representatives from local innovative projects.

Moderators Anna-Karin Nyberg and Ola Svensson (SISU idrottsutbildarna).
Place The Football Hall

Each is Pep-talk was 18 minutes followed by 5-10 minutes panel. Immediatly after each pep-talk it was possible to meet the participants in our chatroom located in the room.


Kl 11.00 – Dean Kriellaars (CAN), “Physical literacy, the new solution for active and healthy children”

Kl 12.00 – Susanne Wolmesjö, “Structures that inspire kids to an active life”

Kl 13.00 – PG Wahlström, “A good environment for development creates both star-athletes and develops public health”.

Kl 14.00 – Nalda Wainwright (GBR), “Physical literate pupils learn more and are healthier”.

More activities

“Ask the Doctor”
“Put your questions about training and sports-related injuries to Per Jonsson”, a registered physiotherapist at the Orthopaedic Clinic VLL and Umeå University’s School of Sporting Sciences. Also known from SVT’s ‘Ask the Doctor’ TV show. Per was on hand to offer advice to parents and coaches throughout the day. Visitors could find him at Umeå University’s stand in the football hall.

Experience our ‘activity quiz course’
Throughout the day visitors could participate in our ’activity quiz course’ designed for children and adults. The course was made up of different ’experience stations’ which challenged participants in various different ways. The course was designed so that it can be advantageous for adults and children to take on the course together! Everyone who completed it got a chance to win some great prizes.
Quiz sheets were available at the VK and SISU stands and from the information desk.

Language Assistants
Thanks to Vän i Umeå there was ‘language assistants’ on hand at the Information stand at the centre of the football hall.


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