Every child and young person has the right to be physically active!

The aim of Change the Game is to increase physical literacy* amongst children and young people. We believe being physically active is just as important as being able to read, write and count. We also believe in the principle that children and young people should be able to try different activities and develop at their own pace and on their own terms. Our goal is to get as many as possible to feel motivated and have the opportunity to be active. As many as possible for as long as possible!

*Physical literacy: To appreciate and develop a life-long interest in physical activity through motivation, confidence, knowledge, understanding and physical competence.

1. How it all began

Balticgruppen is constantly working for positive community change and has been a passionate sponsor of sporting associations. Over time it has seen an increasing need to support children and young people’s right to be active. That’s why, together with Balticgruppen, Change the Game was founded in 2014. Its aim is to increase awareness of physical literacy in our younger generation and to reach out to not just active members of sporting associations but to all of Umeå’s children and young people.

2. Research Leads the Way

The latest research stresses the importance of children and young people becoming physically active as early as possible in life, as often as possible and in as many different ways as possible too. If we can achieve this more of the younger generation will live healthier, longer lives. They’ll also get the chance to try new things as well as develop themselves and their sporting skills.

3. 100% physically literate children and young people

Just imagine a reality where every child and young person is physically literate. In order to achieve that reality we need to share knowledge and provide inspiration to children, young people, parents and coaches. We also need to find better tools to help us measure physical activity among children and young people today and in the future. Our mission includes developing knowledge-sharing activities and a long-term commitment to creating a totally new index for children and young people’s physical activity.

4. The Power of Teamwork

Change the Game is a movement that generates movement. The more we are, the bigger the impact! And every child, young person and adult counts!

Change the Game is proudly supported by: Balticgruppen with help from Umeå School of Sporting Sciences at Umeå University, SISU Idrottsutbildarna (‘SISU Sports Educators’) and Umeå City Council. Balticgruppen also sponsors the following sports clubs: IF Björklöven, IBK Dalen, IK Fjällvinden, IKSU innebandy, UHSK, Umeå Bskt, Umeå FC, IFK Umeå skidor and Umeå IK FF.

* International physical literacy association. Video from Wales Sport Wales – Physical Literacy

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International Physical Literacy Conference Europe
September 11–13th, 2019 in Umeå

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