Change the Game was founded in 2014 by Balticgruppen. Balticgruppen is a property company based in Umeå that is committed to improving the city and helping it reach 200,000 inhabitants by 2050. The purpose of Change the Game is to contribute to long-term sustainable social development by improving physical literacy among all people in the society.

The English term ‘physical literacy’ involves changing the way we think about developing a lifelong interest in physical activity. Just as our children have the opportunity to learn to read, write and count they must also develop competence and confidence to move in order to be more physically active, which is necessary for living a longer, healthy life.

The key to becoming more physically active is by improving motivation and ability, which means we need to give our children and young people the opportunity and freedom to be active and help them unlock their creativity. In order to achieve this we need to cooperate and exchange experiences between parents, coaches, educators and decision makers in sports, schools and healthcare as well as cultural and leisure administrations. That’s why it is so important we share our story and inspire as many people as possible to become more active!

Change the Game is proudly supported by: Balticgruppen with help from Umeå School of Sporting Sciences at Umeå University, SISU Idrottsutbildarna (‘SISU Sports Educators’) and Umeå City Council.

Change the Game organises our own events – the largest of which is our annual Change the Game event in Umeå – plus we cooperate with a number of national and international bodies to spread information about physical literacy to decision makers, coaches, teachers and parents. See a schedule of all our activities here.

Read more about Balticgruppen here and more about physical literacy here.

CHANGE THE GAME LEVELS UP – gets its own organization through a new foundation

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