Change the game organizes a major international conference 2019 in Umeå with world-leading organization

Change the game, along with Sport for Life Society, will host the IPLC “International Physical Literacy Conference”, which will be the first time it is organized in Europe. The conference takes place September 11-13 as part of Change the game days 2019 and is expected to have at least 450 participants from both Sweden and abroad.

The interest in physical literacy, too many new concepts, and the perspective to get more children’s sport and to move enough, grows fast. Both in Sweden and in the world. In Canada, Sport for Life has developed several models for developing athletes and for making people develop the lust and ability to move at all. The models and insights they consist of have spread rapidly around the world. Physical literacy has been used by many sectors and is increasingly used for different sectors to collaborate in order to create the conditions for active and prosperous living.

Sport for life works with the development of sport and physical literacy and focuses on promoting interaction between societies’ different sectors.

– We are enthusiastic to host the first European International Physical Literacy together with Change the game. We will bring global leaders in physical literacy together with experts in education, health, sports and recreation to present, learn and apply physical literacy, says Richard Way, CEO, Sport for life.

Team building Change the game has since 2016 focused on spreading physical literacy, or movement skills that we chose to call it in Swedish through activities and education.

– Physical literacy engages, creates collaboration and hopefully necessary change so it is very exciting to get IPLC 2019 here, “says Jonas Olsson, CEO and owner, Balticgruppen and also founder of Change the game.

In Umeå, Västerbotten and in all other counties in the country is now making a new venture of the Riksidrottsförbundet.

– Perfect timing with this large conference, as RF has received a major task from the government to increase children’s physical activity through a school effort. We intend to build our strategy and collaboration on physical literacy to build moving communities, so the IPLC 2019 conference will help us a lot, both at local, regional and national levels, says Niclas Bromark, head of Sports in Västerbotten.

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Change the game 10-14 Sep, 2019 in Umeå – Sweden
Feat. International Physical Literacy Conference Europe

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