Pep talks for professionals – 15 of September

A  conference about physical literacy, the new solution for increasing children’s physical activity. 
Change The Game grows and expands with a day. September 15th a conference is arranged for those working in different sectors, creating the conditions for children to become more physically active and then get the health and learning benefits. The speakers are two of the world’s top experts in physical literacy , Dr Dean Kriellaars from Canada and Dr Nalda Wainwright from Wales.

Kl 12.00 The door opens, registration
Kl 12.45  Dean Kriellaars (CAN) & Nalda Wainright (GBR) – Physcial literacy – the new solution för physical aktive lifes
Kl 14.00  Break
Kl 14.30  Dean Kriellaars – How to implement physical literacy in a community
Kl 14.30 Nalda Wainwright – How to implement physical literacy in pre and elementary schools.
Kl 15.30 Closing discussions.

At P5 i Umeå.

Prize: until 30 June, 695 SEK exkl VAT, then 895 SEK
Get your ticket before 1 September here: KÖPA BILJETT

Physical literacy in 1 minute: Dean Kriellaars explains


Dr Dean Kriellaars

Expert on physical literacy physical literacy and one of the world’s premier ambassadors on this new concept of physical activity. Dean is very passionate about spreading the message of physical literacy and to help fight the epidemia of inactivity that spreads rapidly. He is from Nebraska and University of Manitoba, a well-appointed speaker worldwide and has developed many methods and programs widely used in Canada. Is also a physical adviser to Cirque de Soleil, which has over 1500 artists from 55 countries.




Dr Nalda Wainwright

Dr. Wainwright is the director of the Institute for Physical Literacy at the University of Wales. Her research focuses on the role of physical literacy in developing health and well-being. She is the counselor for the development of how physical literacy is integrated into the new Welsh curriculum, leads the National Physical Literacy Project for School Research Group and participates in the development of the Australian Physical Literacy Standard.




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