Change the Game 2019, September 10-14th

Change the Game 2019 was about how to enhance motivation, ability and opportunity to get moving and develop physical literacy communities.

The event offered the opportunity to discover and learn more about physical literacy, share knowledge and experiences, make valuable new contacts, co-create and try out new activities!

Theme: Powered by Physical Literacy

How can we us physical literacy to help develop activities and environments that enhance  abilities, motivation and create more opportunities possibilities to be active for life?

  • lead and develop activities in school
  • lead and develop activities in sports
  • lead and design inclusive activities
  • research, what do know and what don´t we know?
  • develop cross-sectoral collaboration
  • physical environments

Activity days

Opening ceremony and school activities at Rådhustorget – Wednesday 11/9

9.00 – 10.30 Activities for school classes
12.30 – 14.00 Activities for school classes including the opening ceremony (starts 13.00)

Activities were led by world-leading experts in physical literacy from Brazil and Canada as well as our own physical literacy instructors.

Activities were be based on the themes of circus, dance and games – all designed with physical literacy at their core.

Everyone was welcome to come along, meet physical literacy experts from around the world and take part in activities (places permitting) for free.

Co-hosting with The Regional Sports Confederation and Umeå Municipality.

The big activity day at Nolia Sports Centre – Saturday 14/9

10.00 – 16.00 All activities

Children and young people had the chance to try out lots of different activities. Adults could get inspiration, insights, tips and tools to help children develop their abilities and motivate them to get active.

The main theme was physical literacy, which is key to increasing the chances of an active and healthy lifestyle and enhancing performances in, for example, schools and sport.

All activities were free of charge. No pre-registration were required other than to Rörelseriket (Movement Kingdom). For more information see below.

Here’s what’s happened during the day:

  • Manegen (The Carousel) – demonstrations and activities together
  • Rörelseriket (Movement Kingdom) – a fun activity course based on games!
  • Try-it-out activities
  • Exercise course
  • Ask an Expert – meet researches from Umeå university
  • Exhibitors and stands

Co-hosting with School Sport of Science Umeå university, The Regional Sports Confederation and Umeå Municipality (leisure department).


Workshops & conferences

International Physical Literacy Conference Europe, IPLC 2019,
Folkets Hus, 11-13 sep – mer info >
Recordings of the keynote presentations – all videos here >
With Pre & post conference workshops, 10th sep and 14th sep.
Co-hosting with Sport for life Society (CAN).

Pediatric Work of Physiology, PWP 2019
(P5), 10-14 sep – mer info >
Co-hosting with Sports Medicine Unit, School Sport of Science Umeå university.

Workshops for clubcoaches – sports
Sjöfruhallen, 12th Sep, kl 18.00 – 20.30
Instructor: Dean Kriellaars (CAN)
Co-hosting with The Regional Sports Confederation and Umeå Municipality (leisure dep).

Workshops for clubcoaches och pedagogs – cultural/performance arts
Midgårdskolan, 10th Sep, kl 15.00-17.00 & 18.00-20.00
Instructors: Dean Kriellaars (CAN), Ashleigh Powell (CAN) and Marco Bortletho (BRA).
Co-hosting with Umeå Municipality (leisure & culture department).


The PLaylist - physical literacy videos from intro to advanced level

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New cooperation with IPLA

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