MOVING for HEALTH (MfH) project aims, 2024-25, to connect physical and health literacy and to offer tools, knowledge, information in order to develop and improve a healthy lifestyle of citizens by connecting individuals (teachers, trainers, health providers, community developers) and organizational settings (schools, clubs, communities, health centres). 

With MfH, practitioners will be able to provide to citizens, pupils/students, sport club members, patients the knowledge, understanding and skills to: 

  • enable to access to an active life, 
  • develop and promote a personal identity and wellbeing and manage respectful relationships, 
  • acquire movement skills, competency and creativity in different contexts and environments. 

Strategic objectives:  

  • Building a MOVING for HEALTH Network and mapping of current resources, strategies and initiatives for MOVING for HEALTH model.
  • Build capacity to develop and deliver MOVING for HEALTH model and to create a training tool, learning and advocacy tools for different settings (schools, clubs, health centres and local communities) and target groups (teachers, trainers, health providers and community developers).
  • Disseminating the MOVING for HEALTH model to a wider audience and enhance sustainability. 

The MOVING for HEALTH project brings together different settings (schools, sport clubs, health centres and local communities) and target groups (teachers, trainers, health providers, community developers) to build capacity to work transnationally and across sectors. 

The MOVING for HEALTH project is therefore approaching the challenge to promote healthy and active lifestyles in a holistic way. Rather than tacking single health determinants, factors of health promotion or specific settings individually, we will create the conceptual framework for the target groups to address a combination of factors simultaneously, through a shared conception of physical and health literacy, increased competence on its different and interrelated elements, and through tools to work across settings and sectors to promote health. 

The project also addresses and defines common needs and priorities in the fields of education, training, youth, sport, health and community development. Thus, the 4 primary target groups in the projects are: teachers, trainers, community developers and health providers. While the 4 secondary target groups are: students, club members, citizens and patients. 

Project updates

Moving for Health project gets under way in Slovenia (200324)
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