Pep-talks in Göteborg April 20, 2018

Dr Dean Kriellaars was the main course leader for the programs. Dean is a professor at the Manitoba University in Canada and one of the world’s leading experts in physical literacy, which we choose to call “rörelserikedom” (or “rörelseförståelse”) in Swedish.

Different target groups received an introduction to physical literacy and information on how to start a collaboration in order to take the first steps on the journey to Gothenburg as a “physically literate society”.

Friday April 20 at 10:00-12:00
Consultants and trainers in Västra Götaland’s sports federation
– PL 101 adapted for sports, RS Swe
> More info (in Swedish)

Friday April 20 at 13:30-15:30
Representatives from different sectors
– PL 101, RS Swe
> More info (in Swedish)

PL 101: introduction of physical literacy
RS Swe: Movemental Societies – The Trip & the different steps

> Educational materials (ppt’s mm) for download can be found here

The PLaylist - physical literacy videos from intro to advanced level

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New cooperation with IPLA

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