Change the game 2022

Change the game’s annual activity and training days in September focus on physical literacy. The event offered the opportunity to test new activities and the opportunity to develop leadership skills for everyone who wants to create environments where everyone gets a good chance for an active, healthy life and to have their best life journey.

September 13-17th in Umeå

Theme: “New start with new mindset”

The pandemic has clarified the need for us to take a new approach to increase participation in physical activities. In some activities, such as children’s and youth sports, participation has decreased extra much over the past two years. This is one of several pressing challenges that concern the importance of creating new sustainable solutions for developing attractive environments where people can flourish. Therefore, we will focus on how we with physical literacy as a compass can develop leaders’ ability and motivation to create even better activities and environmental offerings that encourage active participation.

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:: Conference with the opportunity to participate both physically and digitally
:: Workshops for different target groups
:: Activities to test for different interests and abilities

Program overview (220621)

As usual we will have participation’s of leading international and national researchers and practitioners together with local pioneers.
Sessions with international speakers will be held in english and the other sessions in swedish.

More information about the program will be released ahead.
If you have any questions, please contact us via email:

Change the game together with, among others, Balticgruppen, Sport school of science at Umeå university, Västerbotten Region (Regional health and development department), RISE, RF-SISU Västerbotten (Regional Sport confederation) and Umeå Municipality.

The PLaylist - physical literacy videos from intro to advanced level

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New cooperation with IPLA

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