Development program for early adopters

This is a project where leaders (all categories) who have embraced physical literacy got help to develop new activities or environments in their operations – a process with physical literacy as a compass.

Leaders, non-profit and professionals, from ten different organizations / activities in the region of Västerbotten participated in the program. They all share the vision of a society where everyone has the same right to be active and they are “early adopters” of physical literacy. They were given the opportunity, with the support of advisers and educators, to develop ideas that contribute to more people increasing their ability, motivation and opportunity to move. They also got the opportunity to exchange experiences with each other, the opportunity for in-depth knowledge of physical literacy and the opportunity to spread their new ideas and solutions. The program consisted of joint meetings, individual meetings with facilitators, own development-work and efforts to spread the new solutions.


Dorotea municipality, leisure department
Develop training sessions for school kids and new challenges along the trail by the lake.

Ejderdunet preschool, Umeå
Develop a part of the indoor environment.

Korpen Lycksele
Explore new ways to practice rope-jumping, parkour and gymnastics. 

Nordmalings municipality, leisure department
Design a new place for activities in the nature. 

Region Västerbotten, Habilitation centre
Set the “whole centre in movement” for one week sin September. A week where all visitors will experience a new movement challenge. 

Rödåbygdens IK
Develop the Adventure park in Rödåsel.

Sävar IK
A trail with movement challenges in the nature beside the sportsarena. 

Tegs Centralskola
A method for students to design physical enriched movement breaks. 

Umeå kommun, avdelning bad
New grouptraining sessions for senior citizens.  

Organisationen består av:

Facilitator – Grim Jernudd
Project manager- Tom Englén
Projektgrupp – representatives from Regional Sports Federation in Västerbotten, Umeå municipality and Region Västerbotten.


May 13th: Last day of applications
Antal platser i programmet är begränsade. Ett urval kommer att göras för att få deltagare som tillsammans representerar så många verksamheter och delar i samhället som möjligt.

May 19th: Kick-off
– Development step 1, complexity (how do we make physical literacy easier to understand).

May 20th – June 15th: Individual work
– Development step 2, compatibility (how does wealth of movement fit with your personal and your organization’s vision, values and needs).
– Development step 3, relative advantage (what advantages are there for you and your organization in using mobility).

June 16th: Joint reconciliation 
– Exchange of experience from the work with development stages 1-3.
– Physical literacy, methods and guidelines for practical application.

June 17th – August 23rd: Individual work
– Development step 4, testability (developing an activity / environment enriched with mobility).

August 24th: Joint reconciliation
– Exchange of experience from the work with development stages 1-4.

September 11th:  Presentations and workshops 
– All participants meet, present their ideas / plans and exchange experiences.
– Participation in the conference “Physical literacy in practice”.

September – October: communicate and inspire
– The ideas and solutions are documented and published by the  project partners. 

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