Change the game levels up – gets its own organization through a new foundation

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As more people live an increasingly sedentary life, there is a growing need to integrate movement as a natural part of everyday life – in this way people get good opportunities to live an active, healthy life and reach their full potential. This core issue has been pursued by the Change the game project for several years, and to shift the work, Stiftelsen för rörelserikedom (the Foundation for Physical literacy) has been founded. The foundation is a platform for Change the game to be further developed through and work to ensure that physical literacy becomes part of the community planning for a sustainable Umeå and Region of Västerbotten.

Change the game was started by the real estate company Balticgruppen as a CSR project (Corporate Social Responsibility) with the aim of promoting equal opportunities for children and young people to move. Over the years, the project has had a great impact and today Change the game conducts a wide-ranging advocacy work and arranges activity days, trainings and conferences all year round in Umeå, Västerbotten, Sweden and in other countries.

The Foundation for Movement Wealth has been founded
With the increased interest in the work conducted within Change the game, the project has become so large that an organization is needed to continue to develop mobility in society. That is why Stiftelsen för rörelserikedom (the Foundation for Physical literacy) has been started. Through the foundation, Change the game gets its own organization that enables long-term and strategic work together with several different partners for a dynamic and sustainable Umeå and Västerbotten, and Sweden. Behind the foundation is Jonas Olsson, owner of Balticgruppen.

– I am incredibly proud of what Change the game has achieved during these seven years. We have had the privilege of collaborating with companies, organizations, associations and networks that are as passionate about this as we are. Together, we have reached about 25,000 children, trained over 5,000 leaders and educators and disseminated knowledge to decision-makers. We need to ensure that this important work progresses and is complied with today, tomorrow and in the future – and this is made possible through Stiftelsen för rörelserikedom (the Foundation for Physical literacy), says Jonas Olsson.

Wealth of movement is a key to a sustainable society
Developing mobility is about developing the will and responsibility to be physically active, which contributes to the individual’s well-being and health, and it is also the basis for a prosperous and sustainable society. For the real estate company Balticgruppen, the initiator of the CSR project Change the game, operating wealth is an integral part of the business strategy. It is above all about linking mobility and community building at an early stage to create attractive and accessible environments that encourage people to engage in physical activity in everyday life. A concrete example is the  next major investment by Balticgruppens in Östra Station, next to the Umeå East train station. Here, plans are made for a new and sustainable district that will house a mix of homes, offices, meeting places, gyms, grocery stores, restaurants and businesses.

– For Umeå to grow sustainably and reach 200,000 inhabitants by 2050, we need to densify the area between the city center and the University area. Sustainable growth should take place where the existing infrastructure and areas of activity can benefit more people. Through densification, the travel routes become shorter and the city safer because the city lives more hours a day and it enables people to walk or cycle safely to get around – and thus increases mobility and well-being, says David Carlsson, President and CEO of Balticgruppen.

Physical literacy has also become an increasingly priority issue in more sectors of society and it is clearly noticeable in Umeå where the network Council for physical literacy has been started, which includes Umeå Municipality, Umeå Sports Academy, Region Västerbotten and RF-SISU Västerbotten (regional sports confederation), and which through exchange of ideas and experiences develops and coordinates the activities of various actors so that all citizens have the opportunity to develop physical literacy. The Physical literacy Council in Umeå & Västerbotten will be one of several important networks for Change the game to collaborate with.

Two people are employed by the foundation
Tom Englén, who has been active in Change the game since the start in 2014, will be the director and Grim Jernudd has been recruited to work with supervision and training.

– With our own organization, we can take the work to another level and with new and more power continue to contribute to sustainable societal development. Together with our networks, we will spread knowledge about physical literacy and make efforts for Umeå and Västerbotten – so that people will have an active, healthy life and reach their full potential, says Tom Englén.

For more information, please contact:

Jonas Olsson, owner and chairman of the Balticgruppen and founder of “Stiftelsen för rörelserikedom” (The Foundation for Physical literacy)
Phone: +46 90-71 72 13

David Carlsson, CEO of Balticgruppen
Phone: +46 90-71 72 04

Tom Englén, director, “Stiftelsen för rörelserikedom” (The Foundation for Physical literacy)
Phone: +46 70-608 98 28


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