Change the game 2023

Change the game’s annual activity and training days in September focus on physical literacy. The event offers the opportunity to test new activities and the opportunity to develop leadership skills for everyone who wants to create environments where everyone gets a good chance for an active, healthy life and to have their best life journey.

Theme: Front runners in movement

We want to gather everyone who wants to participate and be part of shaping society with new ways of thinking. Ill health is unequal and it is increasing all the time. Not least among our young people. At the same time, we must change our society with a focus on sustainability.
We have a unique opportunity to create change.

With a holistic view of people and wealth of movement as a compass, we can together shape future physical and social environments that create attractive societies.
Change the game 2023 is the place where all curious people can discuss, experiment and meet pioneers in movement from near and far.

Program (more details coming soon)

11-17 september: Movement paths
14-15 september: Conference – activity design / environmental design / collaboration & community development
15 september: Workshop – activity design
15-16 september: Activity days

More information about the program will be released ahead.
If you have any questions, please contact us via email:

CHANGE THE GAME LEVELS UP – gets its own organization through a new foundation

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