Welcome to a second-hand market where all proceeds go to sports activities for children and young people

Between June 13-14th a large second-hand market was held at Mariehemsvägen 8 (Astras facilities – see map). There was a huge array of items donated by Balticgruppen – everything from office furniture and building materials to crockery and lawn mowers. Here are just a few examples of the items that went on sale:

Glasses, crockery, cutlery, trays, jugs, vases
Lamps, armchairs, chairs, tables, curtains
Desks, archive units, shelving and cupboards
Kitchen cupboards and units, cookers, worktops, fridges, ovens
Doors, windows, toilets, basins, shower walls
Shower heads and taps, towel dryers
Glass sections, garden slabs, wood burner + chimney
Snow-blower, ride-on lawnmower
Carpentry machinery such as a band saw, lathe etc.

All proceeds went straight to Change the Game.

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