Interested in learning more about physical literacy and how to use it as a social innovation tool? Do you want create more valuable environments in order to give all people a good chance to an active, healthy life and reach their full potential?
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Physical literacy

Physical literacy has been adopted by the WHO and numerous governments, organizations and agencies around the world to combat physical inactivity and sedentary behaviour, as it has been proposed as the “gateway to active participation”. The application of physical literacy to enhance the quality programming in sport, recreation and education sectors is clear, however physical literacy also has a unique role for designs of places including playgrounds, parks, indoor and outdoor facilities, as well as urban design.


The IPLA facilitate and supports the adoption and promotion of physical literacy in communities worldwide. Change the game cooperates with IPLA since 2023. Read more >

The physical literacy playlist – intro to advanced level

We are proud to offer a unique list of videos with some of the world leading researchers and practitioners, including Dean Kriellaars and Margaret Whitehead. All videos were captured at our annual events that have been organized since 2014.
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The IPLC 2019 playlist

Together with Sport for life (CAN) we had the honor to host the first International Physical Literacy Conference in Europe, in Umeå September 2019. The event had delegates from more than 20 countries.
Here you can have a look at interviews and full presentations of the six keynote speakers. 

Planning tool for physical literacy enriched environmental design

This planning tool includes guiding questions about future visions and about design principles that characterize environments with rich movement opportunities. Read more >

Inner Development Goals and quality movement experiences

The Inner Development Goals (IDG) framework is fundamental in the work to reach the Sustainable Development Goals. This report shows how IDG can give us a new and nuanced view of the value of meaningful and fun embodied experiences and clarifies the connection to sustainable development both for the individual and higher system levels.  Read more >

The PLaylist - physical literacy videos from intro to advanced level

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New cooperation with IPLA

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