Talare & workshopledare konferensen Change the game 2022


Ashleigh Powell

Ashleigh is a member of the Artistic Faculty at Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS) and Head of Community Dance Programs – initiatives which seek to provide engaging and inclusive dance opportunities to all Canadians.
Through its Sharing Dance program, NBS promotes broad public participation in dance, providing dance activities to public school children, adults and the elderly, including those living with Parkinson’s disease or dementia

Dean Kriellaars

Dean Kriellaars is a associate professor at the College of Rehabilitation Sciences, Department of Physical Therapy,University of Manitoba.
His research is directed to physical literacy for wellness, in rehabilitation as well as in high performance circus and sport. He has pioneered physical literacy tools and programs that have been adopted internationally.

Natalie Houser

Dr. Natalie Houser is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Manitoba in the College of Rehabilitation Sciences. Dr. Houser’s current research is focused on physical literacy enriched pedagogy and creating physical literacy enriched movement opportunities in different contexts, working towards building more confident and competent movers. Natalie is also a research associate at the Center for Circus Arts Research, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer (CRITAC) in Montreal.

Nicole Beauregard

Nicole is a consultant for the Physical Literacy for Communities Project with Sport for Life Society and the community mentor for PLAYKamloops and  PLAYShuswap.

Oliver Vanges

Oliver är utvecklingskonsulent på Lokale Og Anlægsfonden/LOA.
The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities  develops, supports and advises on leisure time facilities in Denmark, the Faeroe Islands and Greenland. As an independent body, knowledge resource and development foundation under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture we work with end users and builders to design and construct versatile, sustainable meeting places accessible to the general public and to provide lasting benefits to the local community.

Sarah Noble

Sarah Sytema is a Mother, Recreation & Sports Strategist, Recreation Infrastructure Planner, Project Manager and Scout Leader, with 23 years experience in growth corridor local government, not for profit, commercial leisure & sport and professional & voluntary recreation clubs. Sarah is currently working with a collaborative team across public and private organisation to deliver the Wyndham Stadium A League Precinct home of Western United FC.”
In 2021 Sarah launched The Active Village Projectits vision to elevate Physical Literacy and Physical Literate Design in planning of open space and cities.

Tom Jones

Tom is the Director of Community and International Engagement for the Sport for Life Society where he oversees the Physical Literacy for Communities Initiative (PL4C-BC) that involves over 26 communities in British Columbia, and is responsible for the procurement and delivery of Sport for Life’s international engagements.


Ahmed Al-Breihi

Projektledare för Riskful Play.

Jennie Linell

Projektledare för ”Hand the ball” på Svenska Handbollsförbundet.

Johan Högman

Lektor i idrottsvetenskap vid Karlstads universitet. Hans forskning fokuserar på pedagogiken kring barns fysiska aktivitet.

Kajsa Mickelsson

Huvudsekretare för Främjafys, regeringskansliets Kommitté för utredningen främjande av ökad fysisk aktivitet.

Niklas Huss

Grundare av MindShift. Ny satsning på hållbart välbefinnande för att frigöra människors och organisationers fulla kapacitet.

Petri Peltonen

Förvaltningschef, Kultur- och fritidsförvaltningarna, Vallentuna kommun.

Pilo Stylin

Projektledare för ”MotorIQ” på Svenska Budo & Kampsportsförbundet.

Suzanne Lundvall

Professor vid Göteborgs universitet inom idrottsvetenskap inriktning skolämnet idrott och hälsa.

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